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The world famous 400 year old temple of Maa Harsiddhi, one amongst the Shaktipeeths of Hindu Mythology upholds glorious history associated with the Royal Family of Rajpipla. Harsidhhi Mataji is believed to have enshrined Rajpipla compelled by deep faith expressed by then maharaja Shri Verisalji Maharaj. The temple is managed now by President, Hindu Devsthan Committee and Mamlatdar, Nandod. More than 200,000 tourists and devotees visit this temple every year. The Hindu Devsthan Committee realises social responsibility and therefore sparked a mission called 'Maa Sarawati Vandana' in Maa Harsiddhi Temple to train tribal students for employability and career opportunity in state of the art 'Training Centre'. The adjoining Gayatri Temple and the Harsiddhi Temple recognised Tourism Centre is an invaluable resources to arrange and manage trips in this district.

Best Time: Round the year especially during Navaratri and Diwali Festival

Tips: Excellent food and accommodation facilities as well as Tourist Resource Centre are available in the temple premises.

There are many ancient places and temples situated all along the bank of River Narmada in Nandod, Narmada. All such places are extremely holy and ancient. One of them Shulpaneshwar Temple located 22 km away from Rajpipla is the aesthetic centre for people across the border of Maharashtra and Gujarat and hardly any tourist would miss this temple during the Sardar Sarovar Dam visit. The ancient Shulpaneshwar temple on submergence in Sardar Sarovar has been relocated to Gora village. The 5 day tribal fair on 'Chaitri Amaas' celebrated to memorize similar celebration by all Hindu God during the appearance of Shivlinga at this place as described in 'Skand Puran'. The beautiful 'Ghaat' for Narmada Snan and the Maha Aarti of Narmada Maiya on every Poonam (Full moon) is a privilege for Shiv devotees. Panchvati Garden with beautiful landscape is very interesting attraction for tourists.

Exclusive Shiv Pujas as under may be organized for devotees on request

  • Rudra yagna-6hour
  • Lagu rudra-6hours,
  • Maha rudra-3days
  • Ati rudra-1month
  • hishek- 1hour,
  • Panchopchar pujan -1.5hour
  • Rudra abhishek-2hour,
  • Mahaabhishek-3hours

For more information on Shulpaneshwar Mahatmay you may refer:-

  • Skand Puran III, Adhyay 44-49, Shulpaneshwar Mahtmay description
  • Shiv Maha Puran, Adhyay 104-106, Establishment description

Best Time: Round the year

Tips: Facilities are available for Exclusive Shiv Pujas in the temple.

The noteworthy remarks of Uttarvahini in Skand Puran elevate the religious significance of the River Narmada which along its course of 1740 km originating from Amarkantak flows westwards into Arabian Sea. Narmada is the only river on earth that flows towards 'North' from Rampura to Gopaleshwar in Nandod Taluka. As said by holy saints the parikrama of 'Uttarvahi Narmada' during 'Chaitra' month is of divine and religious mahatmay that equals the complete parikrama of the River Narmada. As it is rightly said "Ganga Snan, Yamuna Pan, Tapi Smaaran and Reva Darshan" is the way to attain 'Moksha'. Mangrol situated between Rampura and Gopaleshwar is the Nabhisthan of Uttarvahi Narmada Maiya which is a preferred location for Narmada Snan to attain moksha.

Best Time: Round the year especially the ‘Chaitra’ Month
Tips: To facilitate Narmada Parikrama in Chaitra month there are more than 100 Ashrams ready to serve parikramavasi on uttarvahi Narmada in Nandod.

The merger of three holy Rivers Narmada, Orsang and Gupt Saraswati at Poicha near Rajpipla is very popular as the sacred Triveni Sangam. People sail across the river by boat to Chanod-Karnali, which is the most important place of pilgrimage on the bank of the River Narmada and all the rituals after the death are performed here by most of the Hindus.

Best time: round the year specially the 'Chaitra' month.

Tips: Boat will be available from any of the opposite banks Chandod or Poicha.

Shri Shani Dev, the dreaded Hindu deity temple well known as Nani-Moti Panoti across India and next best to Shri Shani Shingnapur Temple, is located at Jior-Pati Village close to Rajpipla. Shani Dev is one of the most popular deities that the Hindus worship to ward off evil and remove obstacles. Shani or Shanichar (Saturn) is believed to be the son of Surya, the Sun-god and Chhaya. Shani is believed to wield evil influence. Hence the day named after him, Shanivara, is considered inauspicious to begin any new venture.

Hindus are under fear of evil from his planet - Saturn. In Vedic astrology, the planetary position at the time of birth determines the future of a person. So, Hindus accord immense importance to the planets, and Saturn or Shani is one such planet which they fear the most for ill-luck. Anyone born under his influence is believed to be at risk.

To appease him, many pay obeisance to shani dev temple near Rajpipla mostly every Saturday by lighting a lamp before the image of Shani and reading the ‘Shani Mahatmyaham’. He is pleased to accept lamps lit with sesame or mustard oil.

Best time: Round the year
Tips: As the temple is located in interiors local guide is advisable

This ancient temple of Lord Shiva (Garudeshwar Mahadev) is situated on the Northern bank of holy River Narmada and attracts thousands of pilgrims from all over the world. This temple of Garudeshwar Mahadev is around 2000 years old and it is said that the Lord Shiva took the form of an eagle and saved all the common people from the attack of the evil elements. Garudeshwar is a pilgrim site with a holy place for bath called Ghat, on the bank of the Narmada. His Holiness Shree Vasudevananda Sarasvati chose to leave his Mundane body at this sacred site. Prime attractions are the temple of Lord Dattatreya and a holy memorial ashram of His Holiness Vasudevananda Sarasvati who is the author of 'Dattpuraan'. The statue of Lord Dattatreya is really very impressive and hypnotizing due to its piercing eyes. The statue is made of black granite stone and carved with beautiful wooden designs.

Best time: Round the year
Tips: As the temple is located in interiors local guide is advisable.


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