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Mother Nature lavishly spans throughout the district. Luxuriant primitive forest, lyrics of rivulets, the vast, plain valley and sky-scraping mountains has expanded the horizons of eco-tourism development. Birdwatchers get lured by the migratory birds visiting the reservoirs in the sanctuary. Visalkhadi, Zarvani, Malsamot, Sagai and Vaziria are some of the developed Eco-tourism centres round the forest providing all amenities to nature lovers. These ecotourism centres are individually developed for specific attractions as mentioned here:

Visalkhadi 4 Rooms attached & 5 four bedded tens (common bath)
Vajiria 2 Rooms attached & 10 bed dormitory & 3 tents (common bath)
Zarvani 2 Rooms attached & 10 bed X 2 dormitories (common bath)
Sagai 6 Rooms attached
Malsamot 2 Room attached, a bamboo house attached


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