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Mother Nature lavishly spans throughout the district. Luxuriant primitive forest, lyrics of rivulets, the vast, plain valley and sky-scraping mountains has expanded the horizons of eco-tourism development. Birdwatchers get lured by the migratory birds visiting the reservoirs in the sanctuary. Visalkhadi, Zarvani, Malsamot, Sagai and Vaziria are some of the developed Eco-tourism centres round the forest providing all amenities to nature lovers. These ecotourism centres are individually developed for specific attractions as mentioned here:


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Visalkhadi in Cottage Visalkhadi in Tent
Zarvani in Tent Zarvani in Cottage
Vajiria in Cottage Sagai in Tent
Vajiria in Tent Malsamot in Tent
Sagai in Cottage Kunbar in Tent
Malsamot in Cottage Rukhal in Tent
Kunbar in Cottage Devmogra in Cottage
Devmogra in Tent  
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