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Eco-tourism Campsites

Mother Nature lavishly spans throughout the district. Luxuriant primitive forest, lyrics of rivulets, the vast, plain valley and sky-scraping mountains has expanded the horizons of eco-tourism development.

One Day Picnic

Come relax in the lap of nature for a day and leave all your exhaustions behind while returning back.

Adventure & Nature Camp

Plenty of options await you inside the confines of a wildlife sanctuary, besides watching the animals and birds. It is all about letting free the adventurer in you and taking on whatever challenges come your way.

Educational Programs

Learning with the nature is the new technique of education and has been proven better way of understanding the world.

Narmada dist is one of the finest destinations for outdoor education where there are places for many subjects such as the dams for Engineering studies; the princely estate Rajpipla for Archaeological and Architectural studies and the forest of Shoolpaneshwar wildlife sanctuary touches many subjects like Botany, Zoology, Social Sciences, Environment Sciences etc.

Stress management

Lose your stress, lose your tension, breath some fresh air and energize yourself. Sit in peace or roam around peacefully, be with the nature and feel the magic.

Corporate Tour & Outbound Training

Interpretation of the relationships exists in the nature, going through adventure activities, team building games, playing with obstacles, knowing your co-worker closely on a different platform and getting in to a totally new world of

Confidence-building, understanding the way of the nature to improve one’s management skills is all about Outbound Training (OBT) Programs which has been proven beneficent to the corporate world.

Event Management

Find a reason to celebrate in the forests of Shoolpaneshwar and we will be ready for you. Our event management partner, BlueCorel Event Management Services adds more to it and helps celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, festivals or any idea to celebrate.


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